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Established 1994
Over 25 Years Experience
Over 10,000 Pianos Serviced
Over 100 Pianos Restored
We are gratefully trusted by:

TEACHERS Jennifer Bowman, Amy Yang, Dr. Ramona Allen, Jean Johansen-Kuehn, Mary Jane Clark, Dennis Williams, Jan Rowen-Music, Wolfgang Wortberg, Robert Jorgensen, Vickie Tobin, Dr. Merilyn Jacobson, Chip Schooler, Dan Schwartz, Keith Holder, Terry Shaw and others.

SCHOOLS St Martins University, South Puget Sound Community College, The Evergreen State College, Grays Harbor College, North Thurston Public Schools, Tumwater Public Schools, Olympia High School, Yelm Public Schools,Tuned-in Academy, Jamin' Music Studios, Sound Studios Olympia, and others.

CHURCHES United Churches of Olympia, Hope Community Church, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, St Martins Abbey, St. Marks Lutheran Church, Gospel Outreach, Littlerock Community Church, Olympia First Baptist and many others.

PIANO STORES Clinton's Music House, Prosser Piano & Organ, Classic Pianos, Portland Piano Company, Michelle's Piano.
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$195 Basic service
$275 Tuning & maintenance.
$385“Catch up” / Extended service. Our best value!

$105 Service call / Minor repair, i.e. sticky key, pedal squeak etc.

$105 Estimate/Pre-purchase check

We highly recommend Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems to help preserve the tuning. Without humidity control, tuning can go out more quickly than you might think! Cost of basic systems is listed further down the page.

Mileage/Trip fee:
We Travel!
We have serviced piano from Bainbridge Island, down to Portland OR. 
For pianos within a 15 mile radius of our business location (2302 State Ave NE, Olympia) there is no trip fee. Outside that range, the fee range is $1.50 – $2.00 per mile for the trip out, depending on overall distance. Trip fee can be shared by clients who schedule in the same area on the same day.
We have even been hired to check pianos out of state. Currently our fee is $1000/day plus expenses.  Contact our office for more information. 
“Catch up” / Extended Service: $385
Begin the transformation
We recommend this service for most pianos that are very out of tune and/or have not received any other maintenance besides tuning for several years. The service will vary depending on the needs of the piano and the client. Even if the tuning is close, this appointment is great for pianos that have not had regulating and/or voicing maintained OR if the piano gets heavy use. May include minor repairs if time allows. This appointment typically takes up to 3 hours from beginning to end.

Tuning & Maintenance: $275
Keep it up!
This appointment is for a piano that is moderately out of tune and is operating at close to its potential. In addition to fine tuning, a basic service often includes some combination of cleaning, voicing, and regulating. The goal is to keep your piano’s touch and tone from deteriorating from age, use, and humidity changes. This appointment typically takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

Basic Service: $195
Get started!
Don’t need a concert quality tuning? If you want a basic no-frills service and want to spend less, this can be a good option. This one-hour appointment will get your piano sounding better on a budget.

$105 Service call / Minor repair
This is for the sticky key, pedal squeak etc. This is the minimum fee to have me come to your home to do a minor fix. If the repair turns out to be more than what can be covered by our minimum fee, I will give you an estimate and we can go from there. For example, while some pedal squeaks are a 5 minute fix, other times it can require substantial work such as removing the action from a spinet piano.
Estimate/Pre-purchase Check: $105
Having a piano inspected by a technician prior to purchasing is wise. Often the inspection allows the buyer to negotiate a better price, which can more than cover the cost of the pre-purchase check. This is also a good option if you are wondering if your piano is worth fixing and want to know what it would take to bring out its potential. Note: Although we can give you a “ball park” idea of what a piano is worth, this is not a formal appraisal.
Appraisal: $350
An official appraisal includes a detailed inspection along with a written statement of value that is emailed to the client after the inspection. This is usually only done on high-value pianos such as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Bösendorfer, etc. Click HERE to see an excellent article on this subject.

The “All Day Service” $985
Note: before scheduling an all day service the technician needs to see the piano. This can be done by scheduling a regular tuning or a pre-purchase check. This is a great way to make a major improvement in your piano’s performance. This is typically a 9am-5pm appointment that allows us to take your piano to a new level of performance! Major voicing and regulating issues can be taken care of in addition to many types of repairs. If your piano is more than 20 years old and has not been well maintained, we highly recommend an all-day service.
Humidity Control System Installation:
We highly recommend humidity control for pianos. We pride ourselves on our concert level tunings, but without humidity control, that fine work can be surprisingly temporary. Basic systems are less than the cost of 2 tunings and can dramatically improve your pianos ability to maintain a tuning.
Basic Upright System: $315 + tax
Basic System for grands under 6′: $370 + tax
Grands over 6′: $450 + tax


Ryan Sowers has had a lifetime love affair with the piano starting at 5 years of age when he started  lessons. He became fascinated with piano technology in college and passed his piano technician guild exams in 1994 becoming an RPT (Registered Piano Technician) at the age of 25. In 1997 he became a certified tuning examiner for the guild. In order to qualify for examiner training an applicant must demonstrate the ability to tune a piano in the 90th percentile with no electronic aids.

Ryan has completed 5-day company seminars with both Yamaha and Kawai. He has taken 5 trips to the Steinway factory in New York completing 130 hours of training in tuning, voicing, regulating and concert prep of Steinway pianos.


Additionally he has attended two 5-day Steinway seminars at Oberlin Conservatory.

He has also attended dozens of PTG sponsored seminars and workshops since joining the guild in 1992.

In 2001 Ryan's wife, Jean, took a sabbatical from her job at the Timberland Regional Library to help with the steadily growing business. Jean manages the customer service, scheduling, finances, and project management of our little company. She is the secret weapon behind Pianova Piano Service!


In the summer of 2021 Ryan was honored to present four 90-minute lectures on voicing and regulating at the annual Piano Technicians Conference in Orlando Florida. He is delighted to be an instructor at the 2022 conference in Anaheim CA.

ryan and jean.jpg


“Just as there are piano players and then there are fine pianists, there are likewise piano tuners and then there are fine piano technicians. A piano tuner tunes the piano, often with a digital device. A great technician has the ear of a true musician. A great technician makes the piano sing to its optimal level, opening artistic pathways for the musician.
After Ryan works on my piano, I feel as if it almost plays itself. He opens the instrument up to all of its sonic capabilities. He gets it to SING!” 


-Jessica Williams, Artist, Composer and

2-time Grammy nominee. 

“Thank you so much for the magnificent work on the piano. I’ve never heard it sound/play that well. It was like a different piano…it was spectacular.”

- Charlie Albright, Steinway Artist






Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pierce, and Grays Harbor counties. 

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